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1 4 Apr 1876 is the widely cited date of death, but this cannot be correct since J.W. Crabtree is found in the 1880 Census. Crabtree, James W (I76)
2 According to Goodspeed's History of Northwest Arkansas, in the entry for her son George, Matilda died in 1883. Despite the efforts of volunteers, no stone has been found that marks her grave, and the fact of her burial here comes from an earlier enumeration of the cemetery. Preston, Matilda (I65)
3 Alt spellings: VanLear / Van Lear Davis, Mary Vanlear (I43)
4 Ashes held by Nancy Bratti (Fredette) Grenier, Jeanette (I15)
5 Birth year is likely 1843 despite 1842 on gravestone, otherwise his birth is too close to Madeleine (b Mar 1842). Marchino, Baltzer (I44)
6 Civil ceremony was held at City Hall. Family F5
7 Cleo's (Robert) record is on the following page from is parents Ernest & Exina, with the wrong family. Census worker noted that Cleo's record is in the wrong place. Fredette, Robert Cleophas (I14)
8 Conflicting sources report 1883 or 1884 as birth year. Marchino, William Joseph (I22)
9 Died in child birth. Baby also died. Higgins, Margaret Jane (I47)
10 Died in kamikaze attack aboard ship in WWII. Body not recovered. Tozzini, Irno (I227)
11 Double grave marker with other Davis infant son Davis, Infant Son (I407)
12 Double grave marker with other Davis infant son Davis, Infant Son (I405)
13 First name sometimes misspelled as "Posey" McGill, Posie Agnes (I39)
14 First name spelled different ways in various documents. Sometimes with "a" and sometimes with an "i". Dickerson, Emaline (I497)
15 First name spelled with an "e" or "i" in various sources Lewis, Brackin (I64)
16 GRid=100559834 LeFevour, Ellen Bernadette (I23)
17 GRid=105001824 Marchino, Ann Marie (I11)
18 GRid=10550059 Flint, Fay Francis (I502)
19 GRid=10550064 Crabtree, Viola Catherine (I258)
20 GRid=10562833 Lewis, Henry Evert (I270)
21 GRid=10562837 Belt, Julia Audie (I489)
22 GRid=10601899 Willoughby, Era E (I294)
23 GRid=10603147 McGill, John William (I146)
24 GRid=10603151 Whiteley, Mary Elizabeth (I147)
25 GRid=10639600 Bates, Martha Catherine (I79)
26 GRid=10641209 Willoughby, Beulah B (I296)
27 GRid=106791262 Baker, Issac Lawrence (I310)
28 GRid=10688712 Long, Dorinda (I37)
29 GRid=10688727 Willoughby, George Vincent (I205)
30 GRid=10688736 Willoughby, Hardy Vinson (I36)
31 GRid=10688743 Willoughby, Tesie T (I18)
32 GRid=10691602 Willoughby, Bessie Delma (I298)
33 GRid=108834363 LeFevour, Margaret Ellen (I323)
34 GRid=108834373 Zeller, Robert Michael (I423)
35 GRid=10938014 Lewis, Roy Dean (I194)
36 GRid=112922160 Willoughby, Aaron Armstrong (I72)
37 GRid=113193456 Steiber, Anna (I91)
38 GRid=113194642 Marchino, Baltzer (I44)
39 GRid=113194648 Marchino, Frank Conrad (I327)
40 GRid=113194656 Hartel, Mary A (I45)
41 GRid=113194660 Andres, Anne Marie (I89)
42 GRid=113195008 Maschino, Pierre (I88)
43 GRid=113195969 Hartel, Barbara (I556)
44 GRid=113195970 Scheefers, Conrad (I557)
45 GRid=114320006 Gilbreath, Zora Mabel (I311)
46 GRid=114320035 Heverlin, Peter V (I350)
47 GRid=115373871 Conright, Janis LeAnn (I441)
48 GRid=119537800 Newman, Clara (I41)
49 GRid=119537842 Sigler, Edward Dawes (I40)
50 GRid=119540513 Sigler, Edward Jr (I308)
51 GRid=119553436 Sigler, Earl (I306)
52 GRid=119568338 Sigler, Leonard (I80)
53 GRid=119568523 Craig, Sarah Jane (I81)
54 GRid=119602893 Sigler, Clara Rose (I309)
55 GRid=120871565 Gilbreath, William Edgar (I337)
56 GRid=120871580 Ingersol, Louisa Roseberge (I419)
57 GRid=120871690 Gilbreath, Laura B (I336)
58 GRid=120872969 Sigler, Elsie Norine (I316)
59 GRid=120873263 Gilbreath, Samuel Eddington (I42)
60 GRid=120873272 Carter, Charlotte Lucinda (I85)
61 GRid=120873302 Gilbreath, Carl Eddington (I312)
62 GRid=120873549 Gilbreath, John Devers (I338)
63 GRid=121598956 Sigler, Nellie Edith (I184)
64 GRid=123661395 Donley, Frank Otis (I191)
65 GRid=123661466 Donley, Kenneth George (I438)
66 GRid=123661521 Sigler, Mary Glorine (I185)
67 GRid=125195146 Grenier, Aimé Joseph (I30)
68 GRid=125195201 Grenier, Alphonse (I60)
69 GRid=125195313 Theroux, Rosana (I31)
70 GRid=127257347 Lewis, Harmon Z (I8)
71 GRid=12936316 Moore, Elijah (I130)
72 GRid=13025510 Moore, James Christopher (I70)
73 GRid=13025796 Rampy, Martha Jane (I71)
74 GRid=13045946 Davis, Mary Vanlear (I43)
75 GRid=13045962 Davis, John Boyden (I86)
76 GRid=13071489 Motley, Edney Elizabeth (I73)
77 GRid=13115602 Smith, Gervas Storrs (I160)
78 GRid=13115631 Smith, Sarah Elizabeth (I87)
79 GRid=13264218 Bratti, Ronald Peter (I222)
80 GRid=135884553 Willoughby, Essie Louise (I9)
81 GRid=136256726 Marchino, Conrad Joseph (I328)
82 GRid=137954810 Willoughby, James Glen (I207)
83 GRid=140689422 Davis, Colonel William Caldwell (I158)
84 GRid=141245652 Carter, Rev Lewis (I156)
85 GRid=142569709 Sigler, Dolores Louise (I427)
86 GRid=142945290 Willoughby, Richard Ewing (I299)
87 GRid=143284002 Marchino, Anna Marie (I536)
88 GRid=145194177 Lewis, Edith (I362)
89 GRid=146185089 Price, Susan Glendora (I349)
90 GRid=146864150 Stanley, Frieda Lee (I200)
91 GRid=14710249 Lewis, Brackin (I64)
92 GRid=14710253 Preston, Matilda (I65)
93 GRid=14711843 Trimble, Nora Madge (I483)
94 GRid=14711865 Lewis, Gilbert Franklin (I269)
95 GRid=14733146 Miller, Martha (I139)
96 GRid=14785790 Lewis, Zachariah (I32)
97 GRid=14785797 Ramey, Emeline (I33)
98 Grid=156949923 McGill, Joel Samuel (I78)
99 GRid=158268689 Fredette, Ernest Raymond (I28)
100 GRid=158268821 Smith, Rosanna Delvina (I29)

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