Lewis-Bratti Genealogy

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1 Alt spellings: VanLear / Van Lear Davis, Mary Vanlear (I43)
2 Ashes held by Nancy Bratti (Fredette) Grenier, Jeanette (I15)
3 Civil ceremony was held at City Hall. Family F5
4 Cleo's (Robert) record is on the following page from is parents Ernest & Exina, with the wrong family. Census worker noted that Cleo's record is in the wrong place. Fredette, Robert Cleophas (I14)
5 Conflicting sources report 1883 or 1884 as birth year. Marchino, William Joseph (I22)
6 Died in kamikaze attack aboard ship in WWII. Body not recovered. Tozzini, Irno (I227)
7 Double grave marker with other Davis infant son Davis, Infant Son (I407)
8 Double grave marker with other Davis infant son Davis, Infant Son (I405)
9 First name spelled different ways in various documents. Sometimes with "a" and sometimes with an "i". Dickerson, Emaline (I497)
10 GRid=100559834 LeFevour, Ellen Bernadette (I23)
11 GRid=105001824 Marchino, Ann Marie (I11)
12 GRid=10550059 Flint, Fay Francis (I502)
13 GRid=10550064 Crabtree, Viola Catherine (I258)
14 GRid=10562833 Lewis, Henry Evert (I270)
15 GRid=10562837 Belt, Julia Audie (I489)
16 GRid=10601899 Willoughby, Era E (I294)
17 GRid=10603147 McGill, John William (I146)
18 GRid=10603151 Whiteley, Mary Elizabeth (I147)
19 GRid=10639600 Bates, Martha Catherine (I79)
20 GRid=10641209 Willoughby, Beulah B (I296)
21 GRid=106791262 Baker, Issac Lawrence (I310)
22 GRid=10688712 Long, Dorinda (I37)
23 GRid=10688727 Willoughby, George Vincent (I205)
24 GRid=10688736 Willoughby, Hardy Vinson (I36)
25 GRid=10688743 Willoughby, Tesie T (I18)
26 GRid=10691602 Willoughby, Bessie Delma (I298)
27 GRid=108834363 LeFevour, Margaret Ellen (I323)
28 GRid=108834373 Zeller, Robert Michael (I423)
29 GRid=10938014 Lewis, Roy Dean (I194)
30 GRid=112922160 Willoughby, Aaron Armstrong (I72)
31 GRid=113193456 Steiber, Anna (I91)
32 GRid=113194642 Marchino, Baltzer (I44)
33 GRid=113194648 Marchino, Frank Conrad (I327)
34 GRid=113194656 Hartle, Mary A (I45)
35 GRid=113194660 Anna M (I89)
36 GRid=113195008 Moschino, Peter (I88)
37 GRid=114320006 Gilbreath, Zora Mabel (I311)
38 GRid=114320035 Heverlin, Peter V (I350)
39 GRid=115373871 Conright, Janis LeAnn (I441)
40 GRid=119537800 Newman, Clara (I41)
41 GRid=119537842 Sigler, Edward Dawes (I40)
42 GRid=119540513 Sigler, Edward Jr (I308)
43 GRid=119553436 Sigler, Earl (I306)
44 GRid=119568338 Sigler, Leonard (I80)
45 GRid=119568523 Craig, Sarah Jane (I81)
46 GRid=119602893 Sigler, Clara Rose (I309)
47 GRid=120871565 Gilbreath, William Edgar (I337)
48 GRid=120871580 Ingersol, Louisa Roseberge (I419)
49 GRid=120871690 Gilbreath, Laura B (I336)
50 GRid=120872969 Sigler, Elsie Norine (I316)
51 GRid=120873263 Gilbreath, Samuel Eddington (I42)
52 GRid=120873272 Carter, Charlotte Lucinda (I85)
53 GRid=120873302 Gilbreath, Carl Eddington (I312)
54 GRid=120873549 Gilbreath, John Devers (I338)
55 GRid=121598956 Sigler, Nellie Edith (I184)
56 GRid=123661395 Donley, Frank Otis (I191)
57 GRid=123661466 Donley, Kenneth George (I438)
58 GRid=123661521 Sigler, Mary Glorine (I185)
59 GRid=125195146 Grenier, Aimé Joseph (I30)
60 GRid=125195201 Grenier, Alphonse (I60)
61 GRid=125195313 Theroux, Rosana (I31)
62 GRid=127257347 Lewis, Harmon Z (I8)
63 GRid=12936316 Moore, Elijah (I130)
64 GRid=13025510 Moore, James Christopher (I70)
65 GRid=13025796 Rampy, Martha Jane (I71)
66 GRid=13045946 Davis, Mary Vanlear (I43)
67 GRid=13045962 Davis, John Boyden (I86)
68 GRid=13071489 Motley, Edney Elizabeth (I73)
69 GRid=13115602 Smith, Gervas Storrs (I160)
70 GRid=13115631 Smith, Sarah Elizabeth (I87)
71 GRid=13264218 Bratti, Ronald Peter (I222)
72 GRid=135884553 Willoughby, Essie Louise (I9)
73 GRid=136256726 Marchino, Conrad Joseph (I328)
74 GRid=137954810 Willoughby, James Glen (I207)
75 GRid=140689422 Davis, Colonel William Caldwell (I158)
76 GRid=141245652 Carter, Rev Lewis (I156)
77 GRid=142569709 Sigler, Dolores Louise (I427)
78 GRid=142945290 Willoughby, Richard Ewing (I299)
79 GRid=145194177 Lewis, Edith (I362)
80 GRid=146185089 Price, Susan Glendora (I349)
81 GRid=146864150 Stanley, Frieda Lee (I200)
82 GRid=14710249 Lewis, Brackin (I64)
83 GRid=14710253 Preston, Matilda (I65)
84 GRid=14711843 Trimble, Nora Madge (I483)
85 GRid=14711865 Lewis, Gilbert Franklin (I269)
86 GRid=14733146 Miller, Martha (I139)
87 GRid=14785790 Lewis, Zachariah (I32)
88 GRid=14785797 Ramey, Emeline (I33)
89 Grid=156949923 McGill, Joel Samuel (I78)
90 GRid=158268689 Fredette, Ernest Raymond (I28)
91 GRid=158268821 Smith, Rosanna Delvina (I29)
92 GRid=161725501 Strickland, Henry Clay (I484)
93 GRid=170265806 Richards, Lovica Jean (I346)
94 GRid=170265844 Willoughby, Tesie Albert (I204)
95 GRid=171323464 Sigler, Ruth Elizabeth (I428)
96 GRid=17178032 Gilbreath, Samuel Devers (I84)
97 GRid=173926450 Grenier, Fredrick A Sr (I242)
98 GRid=175444048 Sigler, Ethel Clara (I425)
99 GRid=179795984 Gilbreath, Eula Elsie (I21)
100 GRid=185197279 Van Lear, Sarah (I159)

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